E.Mi - manicure
E.Mi manicure
Infinitely fashionable manicure
for the most stylish and modern!
What is E.Mi Manicure?
The popular service for the creation of a fashionable decorative nail coating conquers the leading beauty salons of Moscow, Paris, Milan, Dubai, Seoul and thousands of salons in other cities around the world!
Infinitely fashionable E.Mi manicure is performed according to the sketches and technologies of the neural couturier Ekaterina Miroshnichenko on the basis of E.Mi brand materials.

Inspired by world fashion trends, Ekaterina Miroshnichenko produces more than twelve collections of E.Mi-manicure per year, each of which emphasizes a certain style in clothes, enhances the impression, complements and completes the image.
E.Mi-manicure is stylish and status. Fashion designers around the world have already appreciated the benefits of E.Mi-manicure: now it's much easier to finish your unique image with an ideally suitable decorative nail coating.
Be ready for compliments, laying out your new E.Mi-manicure in the instagram with #EmiManicure hashtags.

Choose your
E.Mi manicure!
Answer only 2 questions!
How long do you want to wear
E.Mi manicure?
10 days
Manicure + coating E.MiLac Gel Effect
2-3 weeks
Manicure + coating E.MiLac
1 month
Manicure + strengthening using E.Mi Gel System
Choose a design
E.Mi manicure!
Ready-made design or individual solution?
Ready-made versions from the latest collection Spring-Summer 2018!
Create your own unique design!
E.Mi Manicure - always in a trend!
Choose from a variety of designs and create your own unique image!
How we do E.Mi manicure?
Nail couturier Catherine Miroshnichenko creates new design techniques, inspired by the trends of global fashion
Manicure masters are trained in new techniques, honing the execution of each element to perfection
You can only choose the design you like and enjoy your persistent fashionable E.Mi manicure
official representations in Europe, Africa, East and Central Asia
42 300
beauty salons already
work with E.Mi
3 000 000
girls are happy to wear
E.Mi manicure
Unique designs and author collections!
Add your image with E.Mi manicure - be stylish, attract the eye!
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