First Touch Set
special limited edition
Hi there!
Let me introduce myself!
I am a starter kit that was developed specially for our first meeting. It's my pleasure to present you the set of products from E.Mi for complex nail design.

Let's have a look at a brief that brings you a clear picture of each product applying.

With warm wishes,
First Touch Set by E.Mi
What's inside:
basic products: base & top gel
decorative stuff
options for the color layer
E.MiLac Base Gel
Apply in a thin layer on the nail plate and cure for 2 min in any lamp.
the base coat with excellent dhesion
Suitable for all types of nail plates;
With modeling properties;
Strengthen nails, makes them harder and more flexible.
Easily dissolves by E.Mi Gel Polish Remover within 10-15 minutes and requires no additional sawing.
Base coat:
E.MiLac Forget-me-not #197
Jelly Bean #203
Apply on a base base as close as possible to the cuticle and cure for 2 min in any lamp. If necessary, apply a second coat.
color layer for natural and
artificial nails
Dense and rich color after the first layer
Does not run out the cuticles
Color layer:
Impressive soft and romantic shades will bring you a feeling of lightness and romantic charm
Gel Paint
Apply on the base coat and cure in a lamp for 2 min. If necessary, apply a second layer.
color layer for artificial nails
Denser consistency than E.MiLac's
Suitable for covering the whole nail
The shades match the Empasta in the set
Open Air
Color layer
(in case of Gel System):
E.MiLac Top Gel
Apply in a thin layer and cure for 2 min in any lamp. Wipe the sticky layer off.
protective layer with a brilliant shine
Protection 4 weeks;
With sticky layer.
Requires primary filing before removal.
Top coat:
Apply to cured Top Gel, create a design using a brush.
Cure in a lamp 2 min.
decorative layer
Designed for decorative drawing (not to cover the whole nail!)
Without sticky layer
No top coat required
Open Air
Decorative layer:
1. Apply E.MiLac Top Gel, cure for 2 min in any lamp and wipe the sticky layer off (or use E.MiLac Top Gel Tackless).
2. Stick a Charmicon 3D Silicone Stickers.
3. Cover with E.MiLac Top Gel and cure in any lamp for 2 min.
stickers for easy and stylish design
Decorative layer:
Charmicon 3D Silicone Stickers Jewelry Gold/Silver #5
Made in Czech Republic